Getting to Mont-Joli Regional Airport

Airport Security

Airport security screening and pre-board screening

You will need to go through security screening before boarding. To prepare, read the advice provided by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the national organization responsible for passenger and baggage screening in Canada.

The following tips will help make the screening process less stressful and more efficient:

  • Label all your luggage in advance or use the labels provided at the check-in counter.
  • Allow sufficient time for pre-board screening, especially during peak hours (early morning, noon and early evening).
  • Leave empty baggage carts outside the screening checkpoint.
  • Make sure you have your boarding pass at hand, ready to be presented for verification. You may also need to show a photo ID.
  • Do not joke or talk about bombs, firearms or other weapons while you are at a pre-board screening checkpoint. You could be charged with an offense under the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations.
  • Know what to expect during a physical search.

(Source: CATSA

Transport Canada prohibits certain items on board aircraft. Check the Prohibited Items List and your airline’s restrictions when planning your trip to avoid having any of your property confiscated.