Getting to Aéroport régional de Mont-Joli

Technical information

Physical characteristics

PCN 80/F/B/0.70MPa/u


Aéroport régional de Mont-Joli (YYY) has two bituminous concrete runways.

Runway 06-24

  • 6000 feet by 150 feet, non-precision
  • Open year round

Piste 15-33

  • 3954 feet by 150 feet, visual
  • Closed for winter time, depending on weather conditions


  • The apron can accommodate parked planes, depending on how many days are needed and the size of the aircraft

(charges apply for more than six hours on-site)


2019-034-Gestion-contractuelle-abrogé Juillet 2021 (PDF) (in French only)

2023-01 Prévision budgetaire 2023 (PDF) (in French only)

2013-24-Règlement-de-circulation (PDF) (in French only)

2022-02-Tarification-2022 Abrogé (PDF) (in French only) (effective january 1st 2022)

2023-02-Tarification-2023 (PDF) (in French only) (effective january 1st 2023)

Complaint management (PDF) (in French only)